A critically-acclaimed mystery author shares her personal story of a miraculous healing in new non-fiction release

A critically-acclaimed mystery author shares her personal story of a miraculous healing in new non-fiction release


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For Immediate Release (Houston, TX) —  According to Pew Research, a healthy majority of Americans —78% under 30 and 79% over 30— said they believe in the miraculous. Even among medical professionals, the rate is high. A survey of 1100 doctors showed that 73% believe miracles happen today. Author Sandra Bretting concurs with those findings, and shares her own miraculous healing in the new book “Shameless Persistence: Lessons from a Modern Miracle.”

“Last year, I was put on life support, and my family was told they needed to say goodbye, because I wasn’t going to make it,” says Bretting. “But a funny thing happened. First, a few people prayed over me, and then more and more as area churches got involved. The ER staff couldn’t explain it, but my condition inexplicably reversed, and my vital signs gradually improved to the point I could be taken off life support. A pulmonologist who studied a scan of my lungs was amazed to find every sign of trauma had vanished.”

Bretting is the author of a critically-acclaimed mystery book series, and says she never anticipated her first foray into non-fiction would be so intensely personal.

“When every medical specialist on your team agrees you should’ve died, then you know God is in charge,” says Bretting. “I had the best hospital, brilliant doctors, and enough medicine to stock a pharmacy (my medical chart ran over a hundred pages), and still no one could cure me. No human, that is.”

In “Shameless Persistence,” Bretting details not only her personal healing from a systematic shutdown of her bodily organs, but she recounts the lessons about prayer she learned through her ordeal.

“The timing of my prayers is different now,” she says. “I used to try to fix problems on my own, and then give them to God as a ‘last resort.’ Now, He’s the first one I turn to. The tone of my prayers also has changed. Instead of asking for God’s help in a way that benefits me, I’ve realized that very little in this life is really about me:  it’s about furthering God’s kingdom in whatever way He sees fit. Even if it makes my life harder.”  

Bretting says she hopes the book encourages people who sometimes get weary in praying for others, as well as answers any doubts of people who are skeptical of prayer. 

“People often doubt whether God still performs miracles, when I’m proof that He does,” says Bretting. “Our society seems to have forgotten who really controls this world, and the devil would like nothing more than for Christians like me to stay silent when God does something amazing.”


About the author:Sandra Bretting is the author of the critically-acclaimed book series, “The Missy DuBois Mystery Series” (Kensington Publishing, New York). A graduate of the University of Missouri School of Journalism, she spent two decades writing feature stories for national newspapers, including the Los Angeles Times and Houston Chronicle. She is a long-time member of The Writer’s League of Texas and the national chapter of Sisters in Crime. She lives with her family in a suburb of Houston, Texas. For more information visit www.SandraBretting.com.


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New roles. New rules. No margin for error.

Zezilia Ilar joins the sept son’s entourage as a defender. Her growing Talent ability makes her a target for the Elitists, and her gender makes people question her competence. She must protect the sept son. Any mistake could be fatal.

Hadrian Aleron always knew his beliefs would cause trouble, but he didn’t realize how much. Rebels are rising. He could lose his title, his position, and if he’s not careful, his life. As the assassination attempts grow bolder, Hadrian must rely upon his young defender and their shared faith in the Almighty to keep him from faltering.

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Rachel Rossano lives with her husband and three children in the northeastern part of the United States. Homeschooled through high school, she began writing her early teens. She didn’t become serious about pursuing a career as an author until after she had graduated from college and happily married. Then the children came.

Now she spends her days being a wife, mother, teacher, and household manager. Her evenings and free moments are devoted to her other loves, writing and book cover design. Drawing on a lifelong fascination with reading and history, she spends hours creating historical feeling fantasy worlds and populating them with characters who live and breathe on the page. 

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It took three days to walk Zez through the steps of permanent defense raising to the extent where I felt she understood and could attempt her first. Part of my unease came from the fact Neleck had given me weeks of exercises, lectures, and study before he allowed me to try my first. We didn’t have weeks. We had days and too few for what we were trying to accomplish. I did take comfort in the fact Zez was my confidant again. Unlike Korneli, she didn’t pester. She also didn’t lecture like Errol. She simply listened, asked questions, and gave me her honest opinion. It was refreshing after two days of being on my own. Korneli was, unfortunately, right. She was already entrenched in my life and stress whether I liked it or not.

Her dark grey eyes were framed by constant dark smudges from lack of sleep. The smile that could brighten my moods came out less often, and when it did, it only glimmered in a pale reflection of its previous shine. She still had her spirit. It would appear at moments when I least expected it. A gesture or facial expression would remind me of the child I had met years ago in the high king’s gardens.

“Am I doing something wrong?” she asked, flooding my mouth with the taste of mint.

“No, you are doing just fine.” I quickly averted me eyes from my study of her face. “I am sorry. I just haven’t been sleeping, and I tend to stare into space as my brain wanders.”

She nodded. “So, are you ready?”

I glanced around us. The moonlight was so strong that I could clearly locate all of our party scattered around our resting place. We would be starting our nightly journey any minute, but not until I gave the signal. I sent a warning that we were not to be disturbed to Renato and Korneli and then turned my attention back to Zez. “Not really, but I doubt I ever will be.”

She smiled. “I am going to begin.” Closing her eyes, she withdrew into her mind. I carefully watched her progress with only my eyes.

It was strange how out of practice I had become at observing people with just my normal senses. Perhaps it was because I used my Talent-senses constantly and was hardly ever without them. Either way, I quickly became frustrated just scrutinizing Zez’s facial features. They gave away nothing about what was happening beneath them within her mind and heart.

Character Casting

I see Gal Gadot playing my heroine. Zezilia Ilar is tall and athletic in build. She carries herself well, with an elegance to her stride and demeanor thanks to the watchful guidance of her strong-willed mother. However, she has a playful, active side which stems from growing up with six older brothers. Not inclined toward the more feminine duties of housework and cooking, she tends to enjoy the outdoors, nature, and activity. Even though this is her desire, she still takes to studying easily and proves herself to be quite and eager learner as she learns to master her new found talents in sending (telepathy) and mass moving (telekinesis) abilities.

My hero could easily be played by Luke Evans. Hadrian Aleron is an intense young man of purpose. He tends toward kindness when not distracted by weighty concerns. As a youngest son groomed from young age for public office, he doesn’t have all the usual self-preservation skills of his elder brothers, but he makes up for that by being very proficient at his job, which is overseeing and supporting all the talent users in the peninsular nation of Pratinus.

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Arabella Sheraton grew up on a diet of Jane Austen, the Bronte sisters, and many other writers of that period. From Jane Austen to Georgette Heyer, Arabella has found both enjoyment and inspiration in sparkling, witty Regency novels. She also loves history and generally finds the past more fascinating than the future. Arabella wrote her first Regency romance to entertain her aged mom who loved the genre. Arabella is honoured to share the adventures of her heroes and heroines with readers.
A sparkling traditional Regency romance to enchant fans.
When the young and handsome
Earl of Pennington discovers the inheritance from his great-uncle depends on
him marrying at midnight on the eve of his thirtieth birthday, he is irate.
Marriage is not part of his plan to save his impoverished estates. He crosses
paths unexpectedly with the beautiful Roxanne Chesney, who is fleeing from her
abusive husband. 

He offers her a contract: marriage for six months to help him
fulfil the conditions of his great-uncle’s will, enabling him secure his
inheritance. In return he will pay her a small fortune. 

Can Roxanne resist this
offer? What about the revolting Edgar Doyle who forced her into a loveless
marriage that has not been consummated? Roxanne has escaped Edgar’s clutches,
but she wonders how long she will manage to evade him. The earl’s contract has
no strings attached. The offer is irresistible except for the fact that Roxanne
is already married!

The candlelight cast a soft glow in the
room and imbued the bride with an ethereal radiance. Mr. Lobb had a faint sense
that the proceedings were slightly irregular. He could not remember anyone
performing a marriage ceremony at midnight before. It smacked of the exotic,
something he had never been encouraged to consider. However, the appearance of
Roxanne, a vision in ivory silk and lace rendered, the scene romantic rather
than sinister.
Mr. Lobb was even more agitated than ever
since brides in the village were never as beautiful as the dream of loveliness
that Roxanne presented. He gulped several times, and his large Adam’s apple
bobbed up and down as he found himself temporarily speechless. Roxanne shook
hands with him, and he gasped and wheezed before managing a strangled “Good
evening.” The worldly thought that the Earl of Pennington was to be envied in
his choice of
bride sneaked into the back of his mind,
and he uttered a small sigh of rapture. Mrs. Dawson and Gregson attended in the
capacity of witnesses. Rufus had been banished to the stables, but the howling
that emitted from behind the doors was so awful that Julian had relented at
last on the condition of good behaviour. The hound lay in front of the fire,
his nose on his paws, behaving impeccably.

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