Once again Nonnie Jules tells the TRUTH in her blog!


Is it reputable or is it dishonorable?  Well, so that you have a clear understanding of what a reputation is, let me give you a little refresher on the word.



The estimation in which a person or thing is held, especially by the community or the general public;  the way in which people think of someone or something.

As an author, regardless of what others think or how I am perceived, my reputation is of extreme importance to me.  I have worked hard to build my name and standing in the literary community, therefore, I guard it, and the perception of it, with great care.

Because we interact with our peers and our “communities” without the comfort of solidarity, yet, in an anonymous world behind keyboards, there are those that feel these situations offer them a green light to behave poorly and recklessly.

We’re all familiar with online…

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99 Cent Books – Get Your’s Today

My Family's Heart


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Blue HonorBlue Honor tracks four tightly twining families during the American Civil War. Each member is asked to sacrifice more than their share to see friends and loved ones through the terrible times. The only certainty they have is that nothing will be the same.

Emily Conrad is the bookish daughter of a wealthy dairy family from Vermont. Her indulgent father has educated her and bred ideas that aren’t acceptable to her more urbane mother, who thinks Emily needs to settle down with her longtime friend and town philanderer Evan Howell. The outbreak of war frees Emily from these expectations for a time, but a stranger soon arrives after the guns begin to blaze, threatening her plans more…

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Writing the perfect email! #RRBC #RWISA

My guilty secret? I don’t proof my email. I will give email messages the attention they are due!



This is my motto, in ALL of my writing, whether it’s a full-blown book or just a teeny-weeny email…I would like to be known for my writing and my dedication to the excellence in the craft of writing, in everything I share in written form.

As a writer, everything that you put out should be your best, so today, I’m going to share a few tips on how to write the perfect email.  Hopefully, it will give everyone pause and then I’ll start to receive some works of art in written form in my email box.

*First, ensure that your subject line is in proper form.  I hate receiving email and the entire subject line is in all lower case letters.  You wouldn’t (or shall I say, you shouldn’t) begin a sentence with a lower case letter, so why would you invite me into your email that way?  If…

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(In Just Seven Years) Rocky Horror Made Me a Man

Oh how I remember dressing up and invading the theater with all my friends. Those days . . . Those memories!


Watchmage ad2

Some of you will get the title reference. You are my people. Thank you for existing.

The Rocky Horror Picture Show turns 40 this year. I’m not sure if this is old or young, because it’s always been an old movie for me. Even though I’ve seen it hundreds (literally) of times, it’s always seemed like something from the past, brought into the present for lonely souls like me. It was a holy relic, and we were the cult that formed around it.

For better or worse, Rocky Horror made me who I am.

I was always different, quiet, weird. I suppose the term is “socially awkward.” I was more comfortable playing alone or reading than with hanging out with friends. I had some success with sports (particularly baseball), but it never won me any friends. I was bullied in school, and no matter how many times I fought back, it never stopped (Every time…

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