A hot summer beach—
A marriage gone wrong—
Daring eyes and daring
love, betrayed by a secret passion.

feels trapped in a loveless marriage to a jealous, wealthy older man. He blames
her for crippling him in an auto accident that he himself caused. Kim strives
to make the marriage work, despite her husband’s blame, verbal abuse, and
bitterness. When she meets a wickedly handsome man on the beach, she fights not
to want him, not to want a new life and not to fall in love.

Derek is seductive and irresistible—a former soldier who has recently come to
town to start a landscaping business. Kim falls hard for him, as he does to
her. Although Kim wants a divorce, her husband finds out about their affair and
devises a plot to destroy them both. They must struggle to survive a web of
lies, deceit and dangerous passion.



I received a complimentary copy of DARING SUMMER by ELYSE
. The opinions expressed here are entirely my own. Many thanks
to VIRTUAL AUTHOR BOOK TOURS for the advance copy!

 It was truly a pleasure to sit and read DARING SUMMER by ELYSE DOUGLAS! I was fully invested in the “who-dun-it” of this book
by the time I had read the full blurb! I just couldn’t wait to read it and see what
the pages held in store!

characters were incredibly well-developed. With the descriptions of their
physical characteristics and their behavior, a very vivid picture of each of them
grew as each chapter sped by!

DARING SUMMER is an incredibly
fast-paced book with a plot that whipped this reader into a fury as Ben Maxell showed
his true colors early on! Things move quickly from the first chapter as the authors
take us on the daring journey through the sand dunes of Scorpio Beach during
this brilliantly crafted book!  

I very highly recommend DARING SUMMER for anyone that enjoys a great romantic suspense

I give DARING SUMMER by ELYSE DOUGLAS five gleaming gold stars!

Please tell us your story as a husband/wife writing
team.  How did you meet, how did you
discover you could write as a team, etc.

A:  We met at the Greenhouse Theatre in New York,
a theatre dedicated to nurturing writers, directors and actors.  We were both writers, but I was also working
as an actress in the soap opera Guiding

a night of working at the theater, Doug asked me if I wanted to go to a party that
some of his friends were throwing to celebrate the production of his new play,
and I said, “Why not?”  We have been
together since, more than twenty years… But whose counting?

writing novels, we work together in a variety of ways.  It depends on the plot and characters.  We start with plot, structure, tone, then
characters.  We write maybe 10,000 or
20,000 words.  If by then the story
doesn’t smell right, we drop it and move on. 
We have begun and dropped at least five books over the years, two were
completed.  C’est la vie!

What draws you to this genre? 
A: In the romantic suspense genre, characters are often struggling with inner
demons that drive them to action.  At
least the better ones do.  It’s not just
a sexy attraction, but what lies beneath the dialogue and the plot that strips
away the protective layers that allows the characters to truly fall in love.

How long did it take you to write this book
from concept to fruition?

A: We made several attempts
at Daring Summer before we were happy
with it.  We completed a draft a couple
of years ago and then set it aside, returning to it twice more before finally
completing it.  So, from start to finish,
over two years.

How important do you believe having a good
editor is for the success of your book?

A: A good editor is
mandatory—a must for every
writer.  I know of no writer who doesn’t
need a professional editor to point out the cracks in the plot, the errant
grammar and the pretzel sentences.

What is your usual writing routine?

A: I write 6-7 days a week
at least four hours a day.

Do you find it difficult to juggle your time between marketing your
current book and writing your next book?

A: Marketing
is a challenge, but it is an essential part of writing.  Without it, nobody will find and read your

What do you do when you are not writing? 

A: Read, walk, take vacations and go to fun

Every writer has their own idea of what a successful career in writing
is, what does success in writing look like to you?

A: Whenever
I hear that question this quote comes to mind and I laugh.

“No man/woman
but a blockhead ever wrote, except for money.”

– Samuel Johnson (1709-1784)

What do you hope people will take away from your writing? How will your
words make them feel?

A: Entertained, uplifted and wanting more.

Is there anyone you’d like to acknowledge and thank for their support?

A: Brian DeFiore,
agent and editor, who taught me the absolute necessity of having a good

Praise ‘Other
Side of Summer’ by Elyse Douglas

“5 stars,
another great, emotional read from this author!! I was hooked the minute I
started reading it. Be warned you will need a box of tissues to read. I really
love this author!”- Melissa Mendoza, Anne & Melissa’s Book Love

“I found this
to be a satisfying, well developed warm and enriching read. It gave me a lot to
think about. I will recommend it to readers of both genders, age high school
and up, who like substance in their novels.”-Laura Reading, Laura’s

“The book is
more than just a contemporary romance – it’s a family saga, a book about the
bonds of family, about love (not just between partners but between parents and
children), about life and the choices we make. It’s heartwarming and
heartbreaking at the same time. The writing is hauntingly beautiful, and the
author has a talent for crafting believable characters. An excellent book, and
I look forward to reading more by this author.”- Majanka, I Heart

“Great story, I
give it five stars.  I thought the book was wonderful and emotional, and I
loved the writing style and how the words flowed.  I was happy to
fantasize about being there to watch the story unfold.  I loved this
story; took me back to my young beach days.”-Diana’s Book Reviews