The Contributor’s Corner – #RRBC – @NonnieJules

A beautiful poem by Author, Nonnie Jules! Her poems always give me something to think about!


*Our contributing author this month is Nonnie Jules.  Her post is entitled…


I’m not beautiful, no, not pretty at all
I’ve no stand-out features on which to fall
I’m just plain…lackluster and obscure
My looks may not capture, but, my heart sure is pure.

I’ve no big house or fancy car to drive
I labor at a job, it’s a nine to five.
No fancy clothes line my closet rack
But, on any given day, I’d give the shirt off my back.

My food doesn’t contain any big, fancy words
A simple girl, homely – as I’m oft referred.
I bat my eyelashes, men call it a blink
There are kinder words they could use to boost my ego, you’d think.

I walk with a limp, not a sexy swag
When my hair’s not styled, I’m called a hag
The name-calling alone should…

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