Here for the Wrong Reasons; Forgetting The Hand that Fed Ya and Learning Lessons the Hard Way! – #RRBC

This is another of Nonnie “jewels” that deserves to be seen, again and again!

Rave Reviews By Nonnie Jules

Happy New Year, RRBC!  We have some exciting things planned for our membership this year and we want you all along for the ride!  But, I just had to take a moment to start the new year off just perfectly by sharing a few, but very necessary bits of information.

Nothing bugs me more than allowing a driver who has been waiting to merge into traffic forever, to get in front of me, only to have them speed along without so much as a hand raise, a head nod or anything.  Then, after that, nothing cooks my goose faster than when I hold the door open for someone and they don’t even hiss a thank you or a smile in my direction.  Talk about rude.  Talk about UNGRATEFUL!


Which brings me to today’s “share.”

*We have members who we see only when there is something going on…

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