Rave Reviews Book Club – Blog Tour – Tia Shurina, Day Five

Some fantastic books in this author’s favorites!



I am very happy to host Tia Shurina on my blog today.  Please take a look at some of the books which inspired her along her path of  finding a happy ending and living a fulfilling life.  I hope you enjoy her comments as much as I did!

A good day and much gratitude your way, MARETHA BOTHA for the lovely present of your platform to speak about my own stuff on DAY FIVE of my blog tour.

The path to promoting my book has been challenging at times.  This is interesting to me. My initial thought was that finding a publisher would be an excruciating journey; as an inexperienced, non-professional writer, and once it was in book form, getting people to want to talk about it, would be easier. . . even though I was very scared to do that.  I knew how important it was that I use the time…

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