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We’ve reserved this little corner of the world for those authors whose writing is just so good, we just have to share it with the world.  Clearly, if their short piece pleases you, then we ask that you check out their books. If you feel that your short story or poetry piece deserves to be profiled here, please submit, in 850 words or less, using our CONTACT US form.  We will let you know if your piece has been selected for our monthly profile! 


Author, Natalie Ducey



The hardest thing I have ever done
Was say goodbye to you
Reckless words spoken
A desperate act of an unknowing fool.

Time doesn’t heal all wounds
Only those of flesh and bone
A broken heart will easily shatter
No respite for the fragile one.

Memories can haunt you
And also be your saving grace
Sometimes I wish they would…

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