Book Club Drama – Presidential Chronicles, #RRBC

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Hello!  Welcome to my new series:  BOOK CLUB DRAMA – PRESIDENTIAL CHRONICLES.  This is just my bit of hilarity to entertain you all.  The short stories that you are about to read are fictional and not at all indicative of the way I feel as President of the phenomenal, RAVE REVIEWS BOOK CLUB! But, some of the stories that I poke fun at, I’m sure are loosely based on some incidents…somewhere (but surely, not within the RRBC).  I hope that you all will follow my blog here so that each time I post a new segment to the BOOK CLUB DRAMA – PRESIDENTIAL CHRONICLES series, you will be the first to receive notice.  If they give you a chuckle, I ask that you please share them on your social media forums.  Enjoy, and do keep giving me great material to write about!

P.S. Before my secretary…

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