A very thought provoking poem by Nonnie Jules. How does this make you feel?

Watch Nonnie Write!

Last night I happened upon a very interesting documentary about the desegregation of busing in Boston public schools.  The call for desegregation and the first years of its implementation, led to a series of racial protests and riots that brought national attention, particularly from 1974 to 1976.  It led to a decline of public school enrollment and white flight to the suburbs.  (ref:  Wikipedia)

One teacher asked his class of all black students, why did they think the white kids left their school?  The response was:  “They didn’t want to sit next to us.”  #Sad.  I recently heard a white kid say:  “They are prejudiced against us, too.” WOW!  (When the word too is used, we openly admit that it is going on.)

I don’t recall the name of the documentary as I came in on the middle of it, but it moved me so much…

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