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Love's Last Refuge

These last few weeks have been… difficult. Medical issues (the pneumonia which persisted for a loooong time), blood work, then follow-up visits to the doctor, and the big push for this ‘n that test, have a pill… No wait! have three, oh hell make it an even dozen.

Honest-to-pete, I’m not a damn petri dish where you can dump stuff to see what happens.

But there’s one thing I could get on board with because it’s been a recurring theme for years: under-performing thyroid. Every test I’ve had over the years has been “inconclusive” so it was all *wait and see*, but this time the doc agreed to a trial treatment. I’ve got a 12-week regimen to follow (one pill a week), then back for more blood work and a re-eval.

The other worrisome, and very strange thing, was a dangerously low level of Vit-D. Now, that was…

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