They followed me home, can I keep them? #LoveMyReaders

Another new offering to see. Isn’t Nya a wonderful and eclectic author?!

Love's Last Refuge

Most, some… well, a few… folks know I post books serial fashion on my Whisper of Wings website.

$(KGrHqV,!nsFBZBUNPmTBQcJHfDVw!~~60_35Now, they aren’t exactly “serials” as such, with cliffies and a stay tuned for the next episode vibe. These are (pretty) well-edited chapters that I post as I complete each one. Some might consider them drafts, but those who know my process and have watched my progress over the years understand that while a draft exists in my head, what I scribe is a fully fashioned story line that’s simmered for a very long time before seeing the light of day.

It’s how I do it. Your mileage will definitely vary.

After having finished the Ranch to Market Chronicles series of three books… <commercial break>… The Reluctant Alpha, Alpha Framed and Alpha’s Last Stand, I decided to cleanse my palate and go back to my YA roots.

water dragon

Go ahead, raise…

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