Alpha Framed, The Adventure Continues #BookLaunch

I’m looking forward to getting this enitre series!

Love's Last Refuge


Coy Carruthers has a problem, a big one. Against everyone’s wishes, he’s created a sanctuary for the broken and abused, the wounded and damaged almost beyond repair, giving them hope and a safe place to live out their lives. That’s made him and the men he cares about targets in a deadly game of power and corruption.

Being alpha was a burden Coy never asked for or wanted, and when he throws off the yoke of leadership it creates a vacuum that threatens all he holds dear.

Coy’s about to find out that defying the power brokers comes with a cost, a cost that could very well break him in two.


Alpha Framed, book 2 in the Ranch to Market Chronicles, has earned its

Star Rating and is 40% off for a limited time at ARe/OmniLit!

Book 1, The Reluctant Alpha, is available for 99c everywhere!

Also available…

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