Today We Deserve Better

May he rest in peace.

Love's Last Refuge

The world is once more lessened by the passing of an Original.

R.I.P. David Bowie


And so goes another Monday, the day after shameful displays of neanderthal behavior by men who should be held to a higher standard, yet are not. The Bengals/Steelers game will go down in infamy as yet another reason to curb the glut of the cult of celebrity and put the brakes on out-of-control behaviors both on and off the football field, to rein in the thugs and entitled brats posturing on a small and insignificant stage.

Perhaps it’s fitting to know that fame and infamy will have short futures, yet creativity carries a legacy that will live on in our cultural memory, carrying forward a vision, a sound, a rhythm and cadence that will outlast all.

Today let’s remember the artist and the gifts he brought to our generations, because we all deserve better.


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